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Del Mar College

Del Mar College educates recent high school graduates, adult learners and dual credit students on two campuses, two education centers and through online and offsite instruction. The College matches the culture of the Texas Coastal Bend community by serving students in a range of ages, ethnic origins and educational pursuits. Most students attend part time and benefit from receiving some form of financial aid. Nearly half are age 25 or older and women slightly outnumber the men. Vision Statement: Del Mar College empowers student learners in our communities through comprehensive, accessible, quality education. Mission Statement: Del Mar College provides access to quality education, workforce preparation, and lifelong learning for student and community success. Core Values: • Learning: meeting individual needs • Student Success: achieving full potential • Excellence: high-quality instruction • Integrity: honesty and transparency • Access: open to all • Accountability: responsibility to stakeholders • Innovation: progressive programs and services • Diversity: valuing differences Guiding Principles: Quality Education, Challenge students to engage in academic and occupational programs through high-quality teaching and learning. Academic Excellence, Promote the full range of intellectual achievement from basic literacy to successful academic transfer. Academic Freedom and Responsibility, Provide the foundation for a learning environment that promotes academic excellence, independent and creative thinking, and respect for the individual. Workforce Preparation, Collaborate with business and industry partners to equip students to compete in the marketplace and to augment economic development. Student Success, Empower students inside and outside of the classroom to achieve their greatest potential. Educational Access, Provide affordable educational opportunities for all, developing responsible citizens who enhance their communities. Personal Enrichment Foster lifelong learning, citizenship, and health and wellness through educational, cultural, and recreational pursuits.